Thursday, October 16, 2008

Media Sense Sucks!

"What the hell!...I was just watching the first 4 minutes of ELEVENTH HOUR when your short spot came on. I appreciate your desire to bring some academic discourse to the drama but did you have to RUIN the episode for me by giving away the big reveal (that the 11 year olds that were dropping dead from heart attacks were CLONES) before the first commecial? The premise of the show is SCIENTIC MYSTERIES that are solved by the main character and I would have like to have ENJOYED the journey of discovery instead of having you mess up my viewing experience. I am a student of television and pop culture in general and I like the connection you make between entertainment/storytelling philosophy. So help me. Poor, poor form Media Sense. Couldn't you have waiting till the end of the show to ELIGHTEN me. Now I have to flip off your spot whenever I see it so that you don't ruin another show for me. You suck! Please give some thought to what you do for the next time."

That was the email I sent to Media Sense tonight after they ruined the episode of the ELEVENTH HOUR that I was watching by giving away the cause of the deaths that the main character (Rufus Sewell) was investigating. I hate hate hate spoilers that are forced on me like that. Of course I could have changed the channel but I had no idea that the academic who was pratling on about greek mythology (and how female archetypes that kill their children are always insane) had any relation to the show. It just makes me crazy..much like Little Rabbitt Foo Foo - "scooping up those field mice and bopping them on the head."

HEY they actually wrote me its all good. I kinda feel bad now about that 'you suck' comment. My bad.

"We do apologize for impairing your viewing experience of The Eleventh Hour. Since it is a new show our professors often point out general themes they see in the shows without being able to foretell how those themes will be resolved in the plots of specific episodes. We'll try to ensure that more generic introductions that do not reveal critical material are used from henceforth.

Thanks for contacting us and pointing this out.

Eric Rice"

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