Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get Fuzzy

"Gullible pooch Satchel and Red Sox-obsessed Rob Wilco endure the daily torments of their housemate, Bucky Katt, in the wildly popular comic strip, Get Fuzzy. Each day, they face new money-making schemes and battles with the ferret down the hall. Now Bucky Katt returns, dreaming up new schemes to torture and mock his housemates and to conquer his arch nemesis, Fungo."

Although it is often overwritten I dig this newspaper strip because the villian of the piece, the one fanged selfish Bucky Katt is just out of control. How his human Rob or his dumb dog roomie Sachel put up with him is beyond me. He seems to embody everything people hate about cats. I just like that fact that his hatred of the world is not faked. Like most of the strip the punchline is a long time in coming but this one is brilliant(with apologies to Walt Kelly and 'Pogo').

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