Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Agents of Atlas - Gorillas and Robots and Hotties...OH MY!

"The Secret Agent, The Robot, The Mythic Beauty, The Spaceman, and The Gorilla. Five players in a great game. But who are they, where have they been, and who’s the chessmaster moving the pieces?"

I just purchased the collected series AGENTS OF ATLAS which was the best comic series of the past couple of years. If the cover of issue #2 doesn't make you want to read the entire series then you have no imagination. Or maybe its just my love of Gorillas dressed in human clothing (stripped pants are very slimming) while armed with guns. That is just GOOD writing. I love it when someone finds a way to reintroduce old forgotten this case ones from the ATLAS comics days (the precurser to Marvel Comics)...and come up with a crackling good spy story to boot. This is what NEWSARAMA had to say in its review...

"This is one of those comics you probably either decided to buy or not buy the minute you heard about; the words “Gorilla Man” and “Human Robot” either elicit an ejaculation of “Awesome!” or any eye-rolling “lame.” So saying this is a great, fun read probably isn’t going to sway you one way or another.

But if you’re in that former category and haven’t picked it up yet, I would certainly encourage you to do so, as Agents of Atlas is every bit as awesome as it sounds. It can be pretty goofy and cheesy at times, but that’s a virtue here. Kirk’s pencils aren’t the least bit cartoony, either, giving the whole book a sort of deadpan feel, like a late ‘50s sci-fi B-movie with a modern blockbuster budget.

Plus, there’s a scene where the Human Robot lifts Gorilla Man over his head and runs down a hallway, with Gorilla Man holding a machine gun in each hand and each foot. That, my friends, is what I like to call comic book gold."

Marvel's newest 'event' Dark Reign gives us a world where all the bad guys are basically in charge led by the villianous Norman Osborne (Green Goblin) who is straight up cookoo for cocopuffs. At first they played it like the Agents of Atlas had turned evile but eventually revealed that they are faking that they are the bad guys to draw all the real bad guys out into the open - playing the espionage game at the highest level for the highest stakes imaginable. Just the way I like it.

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