Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Return of GOOGAM...SON OF GOOM!!!!

The artist who does these short stories is a genius. He has taken and totally updated the great age of the Marvel Monsters like FIN FANG FOOM and my all time favorite GOOM and now his son GOOGAM whose life is filled with more ennui than any ten monsters should have to deal with. But his scam to get himself adopted by a Hollywood celebrity is pure alien genius. The looks on his face just crack me up and I wish they produced a comic like this every month. IF you subscribe online to Marvel comics you get this comic as one of the bonuses. Reason enough to subscribe. This is from their press release...

There was a time when giants walked the Earth! Monstrous creatures! Products of science gone MAD!!! But what happens when some of these terrible titans try to play nice? Find out as Googam, Elektro, Gorgilla and the purple-pantsed Fin Fang Foom himself do the unthinkable and become functioning members of society. Well, not TOO functional...creators Scott Gray and Roger Langridge welcome back Marvel’s favorite enfants terribles in five gut-busting stories sure to unleash the Marvel Monster within!

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