Friday, October 31, 2008

I Liks Mi LOL Cats

I am constantly amazed that there is a community for any interest on the internet and LOL Cats is the poster child for that statement. I am unabashidly a cat person cause we all know that cats are noble, mysterious creatures that choose the "hoomans" they associate with very carefully. (As opposed to dogs who are sellouts, suckups and sniches) Cats are also the best mummy repellant that we have ever found. The site "Can I Haz Cheeseburger" contains this genre of photocaptions that mainly involve cats and their terrible spelling. Recently an art show was held in California and hundreds of people attended just to see LOL Cat art based on the images from the website. I am almost embarrased to say that if I lived in that city I would totally have gone to that show to meet women. Its all about having a sense of humor (and hooker boots) as you know. I could go into the philosophical and academic reasons why LOL Cats are valuable but that would only cause all our heads to explode. Suffice it to say that FUNNY is FUNNY and there is something about anthropomorphised felines that speak to the humanity in all of us.

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