Friday, October 3, 2008

Project Runway and Why Women Hate Women

I am a huge fan of Project Runway and NO that doesn't make me gay (not that there is anything wrong with that -thank you Jerry Seinfeld). As much as I love to watch those designers under pressure I also love seeing the creative process in everthing from comic books to action figures to vacuum cleaners. Tim Gunn is pure class; he teaches me something new every episode. I totally respect his opinions cause he KNOWS fashion and is supportive of the designers. They are high strung thorobreds with scissors but he seems to navigate their ecclectic personalities with ease. He would have made an excellent Junior High teacher. (like me) I have always had a very artistic aestetic, always knew how to organize the furniature or what looks good on a woman. Both Leanne and Coral LOVED going shopping with me cause I actually paid attention to what they were looking for. Whenever Coral would choose something hideous for herself I would tell her that it would look good on Kelly which irked her to no end but hey..I have to be seen with her in public LOL. Of course I care nothing for what I look like or I wouldn't dress like a wrestler/goalie living in a post apocalyptic world where zombies have raided all the good clothing shops if I did. Taking Leanne shopping for business suits was also a great time for me cause with her Xena like body and lion main hair she just kicked ass in her power outfits (to see her in a superhero costume..sighs). Once in Suzi Shear I actually brought over the counter girls to have the support my arguement that she actually didn't need anything under her jacket except for a simple necklace and they totally supported me. There was a guy with his girlfriend in the store and he gave me look like I was soooooo queer. He was also acting all bored and rushing his girlfriend out of the store and she was getting annoyed at him. When they were both in the change room I looked at him and said.." me...FAKE interest and she will do anything you want...even wear the pink bunny suit." The sales girls laughed and one of them said to him "Listen to him...he GETS it. You are a good looking guy but I would TOTALLY sleep with him over you right now." I played it cool and laughed cause I am NEVER told that and made more jokes. Don't know why Project Runway made me think of that. Course I also watched America's Next Top Model last night so maybe this is what is on my mind these days. We all know that the fashion industry is run by old bitter bitches and gay men who really hate women. Whey else would they starve their models; their living coatracks. Now gay hairdressers love women and that is why girls should always have their hair cut by gay men cause with hair, women hate women.If I still had hair I would totally look for the gay hairdresser with the Batman utility belt of products and tools around his waste. Gay designers and hairdressers crack me up too - they are the snarkiest of bitches and that makes me laugh. If more people realized that they would be less frightened of gay people. Its the fagalits without a sense of humor that ruin it for the rest of them.

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qwadro said...

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