Monday, October 6, 2008

My Russian Bride

You gotta love how my fake russian brides write to me and expect me to believe it....Boris Badanov from Bullwinkle show speaks better russian while chasing "moose and squirrel" What I love about this next entry is the way she can spell "unfortunately" and "classification"-common Russian terms easily translated. least she is pretty.

"Good afternoon!!!! It Valentina!!! Please excuse me, that I to not write you this long time. I to leave on increase of classification, I to study in Moscow. I to not take with myself your data and unfortunately I could not write to you. As at you an affair!!!??? I to hope, that at you all is good. Today I just to come from Moscow and at once to write to you this letter. I to not have supper yet. I very much to miss your letter. Now I shall prepare for a supper and to go to bed. Excuse, but I cannot write to you the big letter, I very strongly to get tired and at me to close eyes after road from Moscow. I shall read your letter tomorrow. I wait your new photos.Valya."


EnglishRussian said...

Nice blog and story:)

Anonymous said...

you're verging on investigative journalism here! An excellent angle - you should tell us what the brides are saying!

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