Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All Kinds Of Awesome

When I look at this picture I think about how great the casting of these kids were from the beginning. It's amazing that we have been treated to the movie versions of the Harry Potter books all these years. I wish I could go back to be a kid who experienced all this from the beginning.

When the final part of 'The Deathly Hallows' is out next summer, it really will be the end of an era. I still remember driving through the mountains where I only got ONE radio station - CBC Talk Radio - and they had on a group of librarians talking about the best reads of the summer. They all raved about this Harry Potter book (the first one) and how amazing it was that kids would tackle such a large tome. They predicted that it would become a phenomenon and they were right.

I had the 'Chronicles of Narnia' growing up and finally I can enjoy seeing the movies. Harry Potter is similar in the fact that it is magical literature but takes the themes of Narnia so much further than any of us ever dreamed to hope for. I will miss it all when it is gone.


DrGoat said...

I comletely agree. Harry Potter was wonderful for those generations of kids and young adults. I even read it and I'm almost 60. Good read. I had LOTR and science fiction was I was growing up and it changed my life.

Nathan said...

But the first Harry Potter book wasn't even that long!