Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From The "You Knew It Would Come To This File"

I don't have to show you the clip because basically the guy just farted with the vuvuzela near his bum. I say to have actually PLAYED the thing, you need to keep the noise coming from the horn (and not your ass) for 60 consecutive seconds. If you can release gas at the velocity necessary to sustain a note, you 1.) must be single because no woman would put up with that talent for long and 2.) really should see a doctor TODAY because that shit just isn't normal.

I won't even go into the science of wet farts vs dry farts. Just play your vuvuzela in the manner it was meant to be played and we will get along just fine. In fact I will jam with you on my didgeridoo and we will make some sweet music together.

"Man Plays The Vuvuzela With His Butt"

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