Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Update - Episodes 7 & 8

"Show the broccoli a little respect." - Chef Ramsey

Well my girl Holli finally got some negative attention from Chef Ramsey and it was such a rookie chicken mistake. Seriously though, how do you know when the duck in perfect? They never cooked duck before as a main entree. Do they have the same rules for duck as they do for chicken? I know they are both birds but one is more gamy and fatter than the other, right? I am not giving Holli and excuse, just asking questions. As a cooking professional she should be up on all her fowl cooking knowledge.

Luckily there were others who messed up worse than Holli did.

Poor Salvatore is really out of his league. He just folds like a house of cards at the least little yelling he hears from Chef Ramsey. Combine that with the language difficulty and his inability to write (and no doubt read) English puts him square in the gun sites. I just want him to go so I can stop feeling sorry for the poor bastard.

I did not agree with the Blue Team winning that night's service. When both sides finish service one person from each team should be up for elimination. No way does Salvatore deserve to be safe when someone from the Red Team has to go.

Holli has never been up for elimination and thus should get to stay.

Getting rid of Salvatore was the best choice. He was the weak link.

I still can't quite get over how ridiculously attractive Holly is. Then they put her in a bikini and my scale to measure her attractiveness cannot handle the input and breaks. Shit, this bitch is FINE and bitch can cook.

Those sammiches looked so good. I am a HUGE fan of the sammich and the Earl of Sammich who first came up with the idea of meat between two pieces of bread. How original and how revolutionary.

I don't feel pity for anyone who got so wasted that they couldn't make a service without puking. I know you all are stressed but dealing with Ramsey, when you have a hangover, is not the way to live your life son. You need ALL your faculties to be clear or you will mess up and he will yell at you. Being yelled at when you have a hangover is the last thing you want. So next time pass on the booze.

Siobhan was the focus of this episode so of course I know that she is going home. I did like how Ramsey wisely made it look like her rejected sammich would have been the difference between a Red team win or a Blue team win. He lit a fire under her (and gave her confidence) to see how she would do at the next service. It was a test of her character which she unfortunately failed at.


Kelly Sedinger said...

I wanted to reach into the teevee and punch Benjamin in the junk. Several times.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh, takes a brave man to kick a puppy.

Siskoid said...

I have a feeling Americans generally can't hold their booze. Must be the 2-3% beer.