Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Brother UK Update

I don't know what I am going to do without my Big Brother UK next summer. I just love it so. It's gotten to the point now where the smokers have run out of tobacco and are losing their shit. Never one to miss an opportunity to create tension in the house, BB has offered two pouches of tobacco to the smokers if each housemate gives up one personal item.

Now those who don't smoke will be pissed to lose their item, especially for something so trivial as someone else's addiction. In that house, something as insignificant as a hat or a pair of shorts or an eyebrow pencil can mean everything to the owner of that item. It's like when I taught on native reserves - it just wasn't worth the hassle to ban baseball caps from being worn in class. The hats were integrated fully into the identity of the student. To take that away was like taking a hand or a foot. So I know how much losing her hat will kill Shabby.

Now the people who are smokers and have to choose between their precious ciggies and their beloved items are doubly screwed. They NEED the smokes and now much incur the wrath of their fellow housemates while feeling really shitty for being addicted to smokes in the first place.

It's the little evils that Big Brother throws at housemates that really make things interesting. This is a classic trick to make me come back to watch daily.

Remind you to tell you about the time they rigged the housemates with electric shock suits and gave the power to shock to one person who everyone disliked. Good Times.

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