Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Brother UK Update

Well it seems that Govan was given the boot which is a good thing. Of the four up for eviction he was the most objectionable and gossiped like a little girl.

Poor Sunshine and her vegan ways. Because she can't eat what everyone else eats (and I wonder why they even brought her into the BB house unless it's to alienate her from everyone else) she got her own special vegan pizzas and her own bag of 'crisps' (chips to the rest of the world) with her name on them. Of course the hungry, greedy bastards in the house with her had to guilt her into sharing them with everyone which she only did reluctantly. Now she is hated again which is the way things should be.

If I have to listen to posh poof Ben say one more word about his being evicted and how everyone hates him I will fly to England, go into the BB house and smack him silly. I will only take one smack to lay him out if his lack of ability to kick a soccer ball is any indication.

Kiva is THIS close to cracking and asking to leave the house. The girl crush that her best mate Shabby has on her is freaking her out. They hang together all the time but when anyone mentions that Kiva and Shabby need to pleasure each other, the non-lesbian Kiva gets all cringy. This story will reach a crisis soon enough.

John James is an idiot. He deliberately shows his ignorance by not watching the news or voting and acting like he is superior to everyone around him for doing that. What a twit. He looks for anyway to get at Sunshine which is really like kicking a puppy. The only person stupider than John James IS Sunshine. He was right about one thing however, NO ONE is going to take a Doctor who introduces herself as SUNSHINE seriously. Unless she is an ass doctor. They can get away with anything.


Gemma said...

Although i dislike sunshine i am not a fan of this anti-sunshine vibe throughout the house. she is annoying but harmless really and they are MEAN (especially keiva- i refuse to spell it correctly).

i would also like to punch ify. She is a gossip and deserves a good smack.

i think BB brings out my violent side...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh, it finally getting good where I can just hate on people that a douche's on the show.

They WERE all greedy bastards to want a go at Sunshine's crisps (I love that name for what we call chips - you British and your awesomely quaint words) because I know it didn't have anything to do with the crisps. Some people, like sweet Josie, just take any and every opportunity to get Sunshine all worked up. Ivy and the rest knew exactly what they were doing and they go thier wish. Sunshine IS up for eviction and will go this time. It was just so much fun to be cruel to her.

Oh and from watching Ben kick that soccer ball he can't be straight. He is such a weak little poof.

Kiva has to go too. I hate the way she looks down on everyone and only spends time with Shabby.

I wonder how far in befoe they add those extra housemates?

Gemma said...

haha I love how british words like crisps amuse you! When i was younger I was always so confused by peanut butter and jelly because jelly in my mind is what jello is to you. I still don't understand why you would mix the two either. yuk.

Anyhoo, Kiva to be booted, shabby to be sedated and Dave needs to stop preaching about god and love in his belly. I think he has gas.

I can't believe shabby gave in to peer pressure- she should've kept her hat. Lesson for all? I think not.

how do you watch bb anyway? online or do you get it on tv over there?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Shabby had to give up her hat? Cool. She will just spin out of control over that one. First it's the peer pressure of the crisps and then the hat. These people are so weak and terrified. I don't want that in my BB house. Where are the lions willing to take out a throat of two?

I download it off bit torrent which goes up right after each show airs. We only get BBC America on the satellite which sucks. I wish we got more channels from all over the world.