Monday, April 9, 2012

Paulo And Annie - The Real Titanic Love Story

Sometimes when you have a great story, you can never tell it from enough different angles and perspectives. For that reason, I really am enjoying the newest television version of the doomed ship, Titanic. Even though I thought I knew most of all that there was to know about the event, I find that I am thrilled by this fresh approach.

The sinking of the Titanic was arguably the first great story of the Information Age. To celebrate the centennial of that historic event, ITV has created a new production.

The four part mini-series has been showing here weekly. Each episode begins with a more detailed examination of the relationships and the last day of the passengers on the same fateful trip.

Every story you could ever want to tell can be set on the Titanic's maiden voyage. You have racism, classism, heroism, selfishness, bravery, sacrifice, regret and always love.

Over the course of the mini-series they show several of the same incidents from a slightly different perspective. The layer of plot upon plot is very interesting.

When the iceberg hits we get to watch who survives and who doesn't knowing all this great background information on them. I love how we are suddenly thrust into the last hours and the absolute chaos of the situation from all these different points of view. You could almost sustain a half season's worth of episodes made by this same creative team and I would come back each and every week to see them.

Jenna-Louise Coleman is extremely appealing as a maid who works on the ship as is Glen Blackhall as Paulo, the young Italian waiter and dreamer who falls in love with her. Their relationship is a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

In the 20 or so minutes of their story, I felt more real emotions than I ever did watching the James Cameron mega blockbuster. If this arc doesn't have a happy ending I will probably take my life.

Next week is the last part of the series so no one spoil it for me by telling me how it ends.


joe ackerman said...

can't get on with it, meself. it's all a bit too Downtown Abbey for my tastes. then again, I'm guessing beer swilling potty-mouthed forty-something Billy & Mandy fans weren't really the demographic they were chasing. not enough knob gags.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And we know that Titanic is nothing without the nob gags. It's funny how I don't like Downtown Abbey but I like this. Maybe it's knowing that all the really rotten people are going to drown anyways.

Anonymous said...

Drownton Abbey.

Anonymous said...

i've watched the whole series now and paulo and annie's story was the best. the whole series moved be to tears in both the 3rd and 4th episodes. at first i didn't get the series, but now i think it's better than the kate winslet and leo decaprio film. it's way more emotional, even if it's not the most realistic set.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I LOVE Downton Abbey, and while this series is not quite as good, it makes up for it's deficiencies through engaging storytelling and intriguing characters. My favourite couple is definitely Annie and Paulo, followed closely by Harry and Georgiana. However, I fear I may NEVER be able to reconcile myself with the ending, which is one of the most heart-wrenching finales of anything I have ever seen.