Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At The Bijou - The Blood Of Heroes

This one slipped in at the end of the 80s when both Rutger Hauer and post apocalyptic movies had seen better days. But this film is interesting because it tries so hard to created a believable world on the cheap while giving us a fresh twist on the gladiator movie. It's actually about the glory of sport and like Victory and Rudy and Hoosiers and The Natural, it is impossible for me to resist this kind of 'guys on a mission' type of film. Joan Chen is very sexy and sleek like a jungle cat and is that a young Vincent D'Onofrio that I see? You have seen this story a hundred times but it's never been told in quite this way.



Rod Barnett said...

Have you seen the longer cut called SALUTE OF THE JUGGER? Its an even better film.

Kal said...

I haven't. I need to look for that.