Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spartacus - War Of The Damned

Chariot races? Can we see at least one chariot race?

I love this gruesome little piece of historic brutality as much for the out of control egos as the cartoonish bloodletting.

Cracius is a cold blooded Roman bastard but I actually think I like him. I know the ending to the story. Will I find Spartacus' final fate deserved?? I will hate to lose Gannicus. I want him more than anyone to have a good death.

Everyone is so serious and preachy but somehow the whole violent spectacle works for me. It's the final chapter and if you want to get caught up you can. What awaits you? A dirty, violent, blood soaked world full of vengeance and retribution...which happens among all the male bonding. Boys with swords have to use them against each other. It's all very enjoyable to watch. Bread and Circuses was how Rome controlled an empire and this show gives me both.

The bastards actually provide the crowd with stones. You don't have to bring a stone lest it be insufficient to do the job. Plus it would be embarrassing if your stone was so heavy that you couldn't throw it as far as the chained up slave. Man, those Romans thought of everything. I will spare you the brutal end to this scene.

I thought I would save up these episodes until I could watch a few in a row but the first one was draining enough that I can wait a few more days for the next episode. It's hard to take the whole cartoon seriously but damn it's fun to watch. High concept, full out execution.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite stoning scene is from Life of Brian.