Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kung Fu Panda - Legends of Awesomeness

"But you're just a big fat panda."
"No, I am THE big fat panda."

What a fantastic animated fantasy set in ancient Japan and surround a Panda and his five fellow students at a Kung Fu Academy. From a hidden valley they bring peace and justice to the gentle citizens they protect.

The animation, voice acting and writing are all fantastic. The comedy is always crisp but fluid at the same time. I always get the impression that people WORKED on the scripts to get the stories right. The creators make maximum use of their running times. There is alot going on here.

If you want to watch a terrific clip of how Po 'stole' the crocodile gang. I love the fit that the head croc throws. Brilliant.

Plus how can you not love James Hong as Po's father, the nutter goose who runs a noodle stand? That man is a national treasure and brings that touch of class that puts this cartoon above the rest currently on the air.

I love these little morality tales where each member of the Furious Five learns a reason towards their goal to become more enlightened Kung Fu masters. Those character revelations are the best part of the new series on Nickelodeon. The voice acting and animation are top notch. I love the way the characters move, each using their particular brand of fighting to motivate their movements and drive the action. It's a slick piece of cartoon ballet and good fun. Slapstick Kung Fu Comedy.

Of course, Tigress is my favorite character. I LOVE her ennui. She suffers while having to deal with the sloppy mess that is Po. For someone wound so tight as Tigress is, it must be torture to not have someone else like Po totally figured out. I feel her pain. I just want to give that Panda a slap sometimes so he snaps out of whatever flight of fancy he is on.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda movies but thought that the show pilot was a bit rigid. I've heard good word of mouth since though, plus I recently heard a podcast interview with Khari Walgren (voice of The Tigress) that helps lend a connection to the series I didn't have before.

I've really fallen behind on "Green Lantern" too (making news of its cancellation even worse) I did follow the "How to Train Your Dragon" series on Cartoon Network for a while and thought it was decent. Have you seen any episodes of that show?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have started to get into this, since it's on after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I've been impressed by what little I've seen of it.

Kal said...

Green Lantern is a cartoon that I knew would get screwed so I am waiting until it's gone. Young Justice also got a bad deal but DC never knows what to do with what they have so it doesn't surprise me.

Never saw the Dragon cartoon because I deliberately didn't want to spoil such a great movie experience.

Anonymous said...

Poor DC can't get anything but Arrow right. And Batman. I usually don't watch much cartoons other then Green Lantern and Clone Wars. I can't find Kung Fu Panada anywhere.

DrGoat said...

I liked the Kung Fu Panda movies. Jack Black brings a lot of humor into it. Fun to watch.