Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If You See These Guys You Know What To Do


What are your memories of the A-Team?

CRACK COMMANDO UNIT? Or is that commando unit ON crack?

B.A. carrying around an entire tool kit (gold plated mind you) around his neck that he used to take apart a torpedo so that it couldn't blow up some harbor full of orphans.

Or when the weaponized cupcakes so that they could be fired at developers who threatened and nursing home in the inner city. It was Lebanon with dynamite in the pies. The old people were loading the cannons to shoot at cars and jeeps that flipped again.

B.A. There are never any consequences for his teammates who constantly drug him and kidnap him to dangerous situation where he wakes groggy and unable to work at his full potential. It's like having a toddler around during the Bin Laden raid.

Any disguise Hannibal Smith takes is immediately recognized to BE a disguise. George Peppard even plays a bad George Peppard. I miss the turtleneck sweaters when he was Banechek.

All the jeeps that flipped on hills of sand conveniently left on the road and landed upside down but no one was really ever hurt and no one was ever hit by a single bullet.

And the band of Military numnuts they sent after this team of four very stupid and obvious numnuts were the worst themselves. How do you not find the A-Team with the intelligence capability of the US Military working for you? How do you arrive ten minutes too late to catch them and then flip two or three of your jeeps...and you do that every week. Where is the accountability? The oversight? Shameful.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

did they ever actually collect a paycheck in the end... i love the building of the whatever.

Kal said...

DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THEIR FINANCES!! And I did also notice how they always seem to have everything they need to put together their stupid scheme (that is always location specific and very public) on hand.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I started watching the pilot episode and was disappointed I realized that the show wasn't ALL about Mr. T.

Will said...

George Peppard may not have kept the sweaters but he did keep the gloves and cigars