Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comic Panels Of The Day

“The wildest action scene ever in the history of comics!” is how Jim Steranko described this classic four-page spread from Strange Tales #167. Published by Marvel Comics, April 1968.



david_b said...

I DOVE into Steranko art last year, collecting VF Silver Age with those gorgeous covers.

I got into both Steranko and Doc Strange at the same time, so those Strange Tales were doubly-awesome.

Loved this 4-page action image.. Can't blame Stan Lee for wantin' to sell more comics (everyone had to buy two copies to see the entire image...).

Steranko RULES. Shame he had to leave the FOOM magazine way, way too soon.

Kal said...

Now there was a guy who knew how to draw a comic book and got out before he couldn't do it anymore. Truly one of the imortals.

bliss_infinte said...

That's some prett crazy Kirby-inspired action, indeed. Though, why did the shirtless agent in panel three decide to have sex at that particular moment.

david_b said...

Why..?? WHY...?? WHY, you ask..??

It's the fricken' SHIELD helicarrier, it's an all-out, drag-out, psychedelic slapdown with the Yellow Claw in 1968.

Aaaaand, Steranko's drawin' you, all beefed up..??

You best believe you'd be gettin' some, dude.

Whaaat a silly question.