Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beyonce Replaced By This Mumbling Numnut

Another example of poor celebrity public relations after a scandal. Instead of Beyonce coming out to admit she lipsynched at the Inauguration because she was nervous and it was a big moment for Obama or SOMETHING reasonably understanding like that, she drops out of singing in the Superbowl Half Time Show.

A relaunch of her career no doubt years on the making has now crashed and burned because image trumped just being a human being and saying she fucked up. People would embrace her and take her back into their superficial hearts just for not blaming something else or everything else for her fuck up.

I would have loved to see one celebrity act without first taking the advice of some focus group or celebrity consultant. Instead of risking anything taking away from the precious game, the NFL decide to go with the most white bread of overrated and irrelevant musical stunt acts - Bob Dylan. I swear, I so love to hate everything about this 'event' and every year the Superbowl never fails to disappoint.



Mike D. said...

Shes still in

Kal said...

And once again I don't get the memo.

Mike D. said... was only just on the news...dont feel left out... Lol