Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Open Letter To You All

As I near the end of the A-Z Challenge (one that I do every year) I can honestly say I am a bit disappointed. I hoped to connect with some additional like minded individuals but in fact have received very little in the way of attention or comments except from my beloved regulars.
I expect alot of myself when it comes to these creative endeavours so I put alot of effort and research into each of my letter-themed posts but this year so many went unnoticed.
I know I often post too many pictures or write too long of an article to keep the attention of most readers. It's my style to always give you more than less. I should have JUST done A-Z posts this months and left all the extra posts I do for another month. That might have left me crazy to leave things behind that I wanted to share, even though they are often only interesting and important to me.
But, in reality, we are all looking for some attention for our blog. If it felt like work I would never make it a part of my day. If anything, this blog has kinda saved my live in the past years since my father died. I was able to be creative in a way that appealed to me and played upon my skills as a writer and entertainer and that led to my completion of 4 graphic novels and many other stories (none which will never be good enough to see the light of day). It also distracted me from the devastation I felt when he left me. I miss my father everyday.
If I was to die tomorrow, this record of my days and what I came across on my Internet travels will be preserved forever and in that way my Dad will be preserved forever too.
I am currently in the process of copying old family photographs and saving them digitally so that my niece and nephew can one day have them to enjoy. Many of those I hope to share with you all over the next couple of months.
So for those of you who have enjoyed my A-Z posts - THANK YOU. I hope that when the month is over that I will continue to see you lurking around the old Cave of Cool. I know the days of 1000 visits a day will soon return because I feel like my blog is only getting better.
Now would be a great time for anyone who has a moment to help boost my spirits by telling me what you like about what I do. Let me know you are out there. Please don't chase me off to FACEBOOK. I just got my ass kicked there yesterday so I am afraid that if I don't have this blog I will have to go back to lighting fires in the neighborhood - and THAT is something no one wants to start up again.
My Unlimited Love - Cal


Joshua Raymond said...

I'm not surprised that the A-Z thing didn't bring you any new readers. "The Alphabet" isn't really much of a hook to draw people in. It's just too broad. You might want to try picking more of a specific theme next time, like "The A-Z of Comic Book Characters," or "The A-Z of Action Figures." That might draw some new readers in, maybe.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

In past years the A to Z challenge has brought in a lot of new reader and commenters. This year has been really slow.

While I did gain some new followers my total visits are still hanging out about a 1000 hits a day (same as you) and there has only been a slight increase in comments.

What Joshua says about themes though is a good point. I didn't do a theme the first year I joined, but I did last year and this year. Last year I saw my biggest increase ever.

In the meantime Cal, keep doing what you do! I look forward to all the action figures, Fridays with the Furies, Supergirl, Batgirl the Wonderful Women of the Redhead Revolution, wonder Woman Wednesdays and your party guest lists.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So long as you don't torch this blog, everything's okay.

DrGoat said...

Ditto on that. Your blog is part of my day. And the people that regularly comment are obviously intelligent with differing opinions on stuff which makes for a great blog.

Mike D. said...

The Challenge has gotten to big. The first few years (that I participated in) it was easy to transverse the couple of hundred blogs involved and take the time to become a new reader (and vice versa on my blog too), but with over 2000 participants it is just to much to see... Still was fun, just not alot of the results...