Saturday, April 27, 2013

Almost Spoiler Free Iron Man 3 Review

Finally a smart superhero movie that uses the genius of the character to save his life when he is on the run without using all the high tech bells and whistles. Tony is smart and this movie makes sure that we all know it. I had that same kind of McGyver thrill watching Tony 'think' his way out of his troubles instead of smash his way out, like you would expect with an Iron Man movie. Robert Downey Jr has you on his side right from the beginning. He should be proud of the way he finished this trilogy. This time the more human side of Tony Stark is front and center and it all works. This is my favorite Iron Man movie and I think my favorite of all the recent Marvel Masterpieces.

That's not to say there isn't a ton of great armored action because there is - this film just gives you more of everything - more man, more machine and more of a combination of the two. The rescue of the passengers of the damaged Air Force One is one of the most spectacular pieces of superheroing that has ever been my pleasure to watch. Simply thrilling.

They figured out how to use the Mandarin in a way that doesn't offend the Chinese which was a neat movie trick in itself. I take back everything I said about the casting of Sir Ben Kingsley.

I think I would like to see more of Don Cheadle (Iron Patriot) in the next Avenger's movie. You can never have too many Iron Men where I am concerned and the idea of The Iron Legion is very cool.



csmith2884 said...

Won't read this yet...First show here is Midnight Thursday. My two oldest boys (20 and 16) are going with me. In IMAX 3D is a plus.

Kal said...

I know you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Nice review Kal. If you expect anything Avengers-like, then you might have to lower your expectations by a tad.