Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Have Started Watching 'Babylon Five'. Let's See For How Long My Patience Lasts

Midnight On The Fireing Line
The alien hair/skull styles are diconserting to say the least. I just want to take some scissors to that guy doing his Don King impression. Eveyone is oveacting in this one. Tossing all their bonifides at each other to justify why they are suddenly a new team. This has every reason to fail.
I like the space scenes and the way the single pilot ships weaving in and out of the enemy.
Earth media is still a powful force and can influence politics and other important appointments. This time, however, the media actually gets the conspiracy right and boom, trusting Earth is in another fight for our lives. This is what you get when you invite aliens to share your resources and air supply. WOOSH - they need to go right out of the airlocks and let us be done with them.
But after so much postering the races on the spacestation all face a common enemy so much join together to protect Babylon 5. There is much political postering and I hate that I can' t trust anyone, especially any telepath or diplomats. They all lie and cheat and steal and deserve to go WOOSH off the airlock.
This is why I don't have my own TV show. I can write so much better than this derivative balloon juice. But I like as the Narn Ambassador - he has such a great voice and plays well behind mondern alien make-up. He did many episode on Star Trek The Next Generation.
I do enjoy when the commander defies his commanders to make trouble and take control of a situation only HE thinks he understands. Crazy Humans.


Anonymous said...

Like most sci-fi, it gets better with each season. I found much of the first season terrible. By the third I couldn't look away.

Kal said...

I don't know if I will get that far. The first two episodes didn't really impress me.

Big J said...

Give it time. It is an incredible sci fi that was able to pull a few tricks that even trek could not pull off, including one of the coolest damn time travel sequences I have ever seen. So stick with it and I think you will be pleased.

Rod Barnett said...

Stick with it. By the end of the first season it is brilliant and from there on its incredible.

Dradis said...

B5 takes a while to get going... but it does get much better after a season or two.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Easily one of my favorite TV Shows during my high school years. It starts slow, but I tell you by season two, you won't be able to stop!

Kal said...
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Kal said...

Well after those recommendations I will give the first season a chance and see what happens.

Chase March said...

Hi Kal,

The story arc in this show is absolutely amazing. There are some things in season one that really pay off in season five.

I love this show. Hope you will too.