Monday, April 29, 2013

Daily Reminder - The Prettiest Ones Are Always The Most Deadly

The Blue-Ringed Octopus is a gorgeous animal. The average sea diver that looks at these creatures is immediately attracted by the beauty. However, you'll be in trouble if you don't keep a safe distance.

I am not kidding when I say that the venom contains tetrodotoxin, 5-hydroxytryptamine, hyaluronidase, tyramine, histamine, tryptamine, octopamine, taurine, acetylcholine, and dopamine.

You may recognize some of these from medications, like Dopamine. But inside this animal, the effects of all these combined can be vicious. There is no antivenom for this animal, but humans can survive it. How so?

The only way is by instant CPR. You will develop paralysis within 5 minutes. So, that's enough time to yell for help and tell someone to call 911. You can also tell them to deliver CPR. The average person dies from cardiac arrest or a lack of oxygen to the brain, causing suffocation. If CPR is performed immediately, you have a better chance.

You could also suffer permanent blindness or even permanent paralysis if help does not come soon.

As a rule, the most beautiful animals in the world are the ones you don't want to mess with. The Blue-Ringed Octopus makes that statement exponentially true.


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Tempo said...

Just here where I live we have heaps of these little critters. They like to live in empty cans, bottles and old shells. Kids pick up the cans and tip them out (as kids do) and me.. they tip a Blue Ring onto their hand. I was looking at it with great interest when my older brother slapped my hand away and told me what it was..