Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Of My Life Wishes

I wish I had lots of friends and family living around me. If it was habit for us to get together on weekends for family bbqs then I would create this spot in my back yard to enjoy a nice outdoor movie several times during the summer. I sure you could adapt the concept to enjoy in the winter if you added a hot tub. This is how you create family memories. I envy you people that have that in your lives.


david_b said...

It's the most basic of communal social gatherings since before man was considered civilized.

And considering all the silly '80s movies with toga parties since 'Animal House', our youth had gone full circle.

Ah, it was the basics of social networking..

And the best way to lay cave girls.

Life was never sweeter.

Dr. MVM said...

But your summer is only 10 day long and none of those days are consecutive.

DrGoat said...

Agree with david. Drive-ins were the meeting place for all things in the 60s-70s. I saw my first sci-fi movie (The Thing) at a drive-in my parents took us to in '57. I miss them.

david_b said...

Y'know, when I wrote my bit above, I wasn't even thinkin' of the movie screen, just the 'sitting around the fire' bit.

Show's how bad I am before my first cup of java..

Sorry, all.

DrGoat said...

You are forgiven my son. Coffee first.