Friday, June 28, 2013

All I Ask Is That You TRY!

The bad guys they thought up for the Japanese Power Rangers type shows were the goofiest. Only in Japan could such a thing become popular. If I had seen this guy as a small child I would have never played a game of baseball in my life. I would constantly be waiting for the ball to open up.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This is the appropriately named "Baseball Mask" from the first "Super Sentai" series; Himitsu Sentai Goranger in 1977. He was a "evil parody" of the new-at-the-time mascot for the New York Mets.

The monsters designs were always the thing I love about these kind of shows because they can be so unique and creative. Baseball Mask is on one end of the bell curve which is silly looking, meant to be taken as harmless fun. At the opposite end you have monsters like Nosakamata, who have more teeth than the Osmond family, and unnaturally placed mouths and tendrils that seem strategically designed to give children nightmares.

Kal said...

I knew you would know all about this guy. The villains look goofy now but as a kid monsters terrified me, unless they were in black and white movies.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

That interesting to say you were immune to black and white monsters. I grew up with VHS tapes of the old Universal monsters like Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon, I loved them all.

What kind of monsters fueled your nightmares as a kid?

Kal said...

Black and White monsters I knew were not real because my world was in color. For me it was sea creatures with tentacles and Jack in the Boxes scared me as a kid. Anything wet or slimy. Mummies I was not a fan of but they moved too slow to catch me. I was never more disappointed actually when I learned that the more famous of the CRYPTIDS did not exist.

The creatures in BIG MAN JAPAN are really out there. I have nightmares about even today.

Kal said...

Have you seen that movie. That is a movie for you I think.