Saturday, June 29, 2013


I just got two packs from Boxsome. Photographed here are the front and the back of my package. There are lots of cool things within each bag but the Superhero trading cards are my favorite get. I have a substantial card collection, gifted to me or bought over the years (many from my good buddy Dr Goat).
I have a nice solid case to store those ones in but I need a new album to put my loose cards and wrappers. I have several of those that are also full of cards. It's not much when you see it all together like this but it was one of those things that I just picked up as I went along. I never actively sought out trading cards. So first new card albums. Then I will open these Boxsome packages and enjoy these as I catalogue them away for someone else to enjoy after I am gone.

Boxsome is a great site and if you are into these old cards it might be something you would enjoy too. I keep checking back for new series they find for sale. I wish they had more of a selection but where else am I gonna fine trading cards from 'The Rocketeer' or the first Superman movie? I love that movie. Each bag cost 7 bucks but like I said earlier you get other collectible cards as well as pogs which also are cool in an 80s kitsch kind of way.

A Christmas tin I found just stuffed with superhero cards from the 90s. Now I have to go dig for those card albums.

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Jeremy [Retro] said...

do you want cards, i have lots of cards we should talk...