Friday, June 28, 2013

I Will Need A Calendar Anyways


I have always been fascinated with the design process. How something goes from idea to finished product is fun to watch. One of the best parts of the Internet for me are the personal artist blogs that show their work in progress. One of my favorite illustrators is Bill Pressing.
I have always enjoyed Pressings work so reading his insights on illustration on his blog are valuable to learn. Pressing's pin-up drawings are sexy as hell and can be adapted to any situation a hot girl might find herself in. That's only one of the reasons I love his work so much. It's a guy thing ladies. We are visual beings. I doubt very many girls follow the Cave of Cool anyways but if I am wrong I am sorry if I offend.




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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

When I very saw this, I thought of you. If only because you're the only person whose astrological sign I know.

I've been following Bill Presing for quite some time too. These picture in particular gleam a lot of inspiration from George Petty. Light and fanciful figures in loving detail, while their surroundings are made up of pink lines.