Saturday, July 27, 2013

Daily Reminder - The Blue Ringed Octopus

This is the last one you want to meet. All his tentacle buddies are assholes but this is just the most venomous asshole.

They were originally discovered inhabiting the western coast of Australia, and they are the only lethal octopus known to man. Well, lethal with their venom. We know these Cephalopods have many others was to GETCHA if they want to.

According to the, 1 milligram can kill a person, and there is no known antidote. Treatment is immediate CPR for 24 hours. Then you die. Little bastards.

The worse part is that they are so small and they live in the tidal pools on the coast. Just where people will be walking with their sandals. Just perfect to be stepped upon. They were the thing I fear and hate most about those beautiful Australian beaches. Don't be fooled by the beauty of the Coral Reef. There are things there that can take you out before you know it.


Konsumterra said...

worse still they hide in bottles cans and shells knowing that deposit scheme mans kids collect all of the above. Friends kids brought home shells - he put in sealed tank had 20 octopuses - can crawl out of tanks and walk about on floor so you step on them

Kal said...

Of course they can crawl out of sealed tanks. That's just one of their many escape skills. This is why if you see one, you kill one. Then he can't come back to getcha when you think you are safe at home.