Saturday, July 27, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool - Green Goblin / Peter Parker Figure

Marvel select makes some of the most amazing 6 inch (and larger) figures and this is just another example. I already have the first Green Goblin and this figure from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #39 is another gorgeous piece.

This is one of my favorite covers of all time. There is Peter Park (not Spider-Man) at the mercy of his greatest villain - The Green Goblin. This was the type of cover that made you crazy until you knew how the story ended. You KNEW that Spidey would win in the end but HOW could he do that when Norman Osborne (the Green Goblin) knew his secret identity? And if he knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man then he knew Aunt May and Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey and that was the worst part of all. Peter's greatest fear is no being able to protect the ones he loves because someone finds out he's Spider-Man. This was the issue where everything came to a head and it's ending was a doozy. This great Marvel Select Figure captures the moment perfectly.


Yankeejetsfan said...

I have this figure in my Spidey collection. I can't wait until I have some shelves up so I can take this out of the box and display it.

Kal said...

It does display well. They designed it that way. I can't help thinking of all the other famous covers I would like to see Marvel Select do.

david_b said...

Fantastic set, I'll pick it up as soon as I find a spot to display it.. Always the problem (either at my office or at home..).