Monday, July 29, 2013

I Don't Hate This Casting Idea

Josh Brolin as Batman in the planned 'World's Finest' live action feature with Superman (Cavil) and Batman (not Bale who has baled on the project) is not a bad idea. Brolin has the chops to do a wickedly confidant performance as the Dark Knight.

I want the kind of story where the ending has Superman giving the kryptonite to Batman to use on him if anyone ever tries to control his powers again. Because Superman knew that Batman would do what was necessary when the time came. If you are interested in seeing the story I am talking about go HERE to see an earlier post I did on the Chip Kidd and Alex Ross tale.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I wasn't high on the idea of Superman/Batman crossover movie when it was first announced because coming off the heels of "Man of Steel" and no established Batman role, it just sounds like more of a desperate marketing move that will result in a hasty production.

Brolin does a good look for Batman though I can't argue that. He is certainly a more appealing choice than Ryan Reynolds.

Kal said...

Reynolds won't work anymore after two movies he was in last weekend bombed.