Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walking Dead Versions Of Monopoly And Risk

What? No TOP HAT? I refuse to play unless I can be the magic hat. Carl's hat is okay, I guess but I will be the phone that Rick listened and talked into to but was never hooked up.
My rules for The Walking Dead version of RISK are the same for regular RISK. I have NO FRIENDS when I play this game. I will lie to you. I will make deals with you that I have no intention of keeping. I will use you to do my dirty work. Then when you are at your weakest I will crush your armies, take your cards and forget you ever existed. You will cry. I don't care. And I will tell you all this BEFORE we start playing so if you start the game, be prepared to face the consequences of your foolish actions.

1 comment:

Mike D. said...

I want to be Daryl's chopper!