Sunday, July 28, 2013

Famous Firsts - Mike The Headless Chicken

This week the topic for the League is FAMOUS FIRSTS. My post was pretty easy to come up with. When I first got my home Internet connection, the company I was dealing with had a homepage that highlighted the best stuff out there on what they called the Phreaky Phriday Phun Links. A really cute tech savy girl would show us some of the weird and the wacky you could find out there during those first years of wide spread Internet usage at home. This story was part of the first episode I watched and I was instantly hooked. I immediately saw the potential for both mischief and entertainment in this new medium. If there could be a headless chicken out there, then what else must exist in this brave new world?

Brian From Cool and Collected fell in love with a Coke Machine.

Pop Trash Culture talked about his first comic book.


the Trash Man said...


It is a little disheartening that a headless chicken could obtain a higher level of fame than I ever will. And it traveled more, too.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

One of the all time greats.