Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gallowalkers (2012)

A zombie western from Wesley Snipes? Okay, I will bite. Who would have ever thunk it? Now he fights the newly alive again and has the power apparently bring people that he kills back to life. But they are usually bad so he had to kill them all over again. That is some cursed assed bullshit.

And for most of this minimalist (meaning cheap) feature is that they found some equally accursed piece of land to set the story in. Lots of stuff about death and choice and revenge and bad devil voices. It's really stupid and unnecessarily gruesome with heads exploding and faces being ripped off to replace decaying flesh. It's like a college film class decided to make a Wesley Snipes movie. Showing off their stunt work and effects was part of the final grade.

From the trailer you can see it's a comedy and family classic. GAH! Lone gunman is always a good genre but this one just felt under written and overly stupid with Snipes doing the least he can to earn the money for the taxman. Weird characters abound. It's just what the trailer says it is.


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