Friday, January 3, 2014

Cave of Cool Recommended - Being Retro

I have made myself a promise this year to recognize more of the great bloggers who I enjoy on a regular basis. Most of them are focused on one interest we share (like toys, or movies, or television, or redheads or Selena Gomez) but some of the best, like Being Retro cover all kinds of topics. A lot of times I get ideas for my own post from them and blatantly steal their material (with credit of course). Sometimes I get sent in new directions and find a great movie or television show that had previously escaped my highly tuned pop culture radar. That is the stuff I find at Being Retro. He also is a talented digital designer as is evident from this work he created for me.
Brother Jeremy has been with the Cave of Cool from the old days when comments and visits were hard to come by. Go check out his site and if you like what you see, give him a follow. Don't cost you nothing to share the love. He is one follower away from 600 and at this point he is not beneath asking someone to toss him a bone. I know exactly how he feels. I hit 601 the other day and said NOTHING lest I jinx the moment. Then I lost one follower so I know I jinxed it just worrying about jinxing it. But of course NOW that I have mentioned something I will get unfollowed by some numnut looking to make a point about followers and validation and how quickly the human spirit can be crushed. Well save your lesson for someone else.
At ONE TIME I had 600 followers. And no one can take that away from me.
What were we talking about? Oh yeh, Brother Jeremy. Send him some of your love and tell him how much you dig this Cave of Cool wallpaper he created for me years ago. Click to enlarge all the great details.


Tim Knight said...

Jeremy's great fun to have around. I second everything you've said about him, Cal. He's a great asset to the interwebz and everyone should be showing him some love :)

Wings1295 said...

Always good to highlight things you enjoy. As for the followers, I have said it before, don't worry about it. Nothing you can do and all you get is stress.

Kal said...

I know I know and I have come a LONG way on that subject. But come on -600- is a big number - a number you watch and celebrate, however much you had to scrape and beg to get the validation. Be thankful you have other sources for attention. This is all I got.
and yes that is sad.