Wednesday, January 1, 2014



WinterWolf Studios did this amazing fashion shoot with the beautiful model Erin Jade. It features steampunk inspired clothes by KvO Designs who specializes in alternative fashion, fantasy couture and unique corsetry...

I have a story in my head about a team of Victorian agents who use wings like this to launch themselves off a dirigible. Then flying through the city streets they land but continue to run towards a field where they immediately come under attack by single shot rifles. However all the bullets bounce off them as we can see they are shielded by some kind of electronic force field that can repel bullets. Then when they reach the wall the lead female launches herself over the wall to the prison where her target is about to be shot by firing squad. But she moves so fast that she is able to reach him and pull him off the pole before bullets hit him and together they reach the ladder to the dirigible and off to the sky they go.

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