Friday, October 31, 2014

A Nearly 40,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth Goes On Display In Moscow

THIS is where all your EBOLA is coming from. This just doesn't look safe. How many UNPROTECTED people are there watching this half thawed piece of prehistoric mammal meat get pulled off the truck. Oh Russia. I am glad that we have you to follow all internationally recognized health and safety protocols for the handling and storage of such virus rich samples.

I like the guy close enough to touch this thing with his bare hands. How do you think he felt at work the next day. How alarming was his strange cough?
The mammoth was found in 2010 in the Russian region of Yakutia. Thus, scientists called the carcass Yuka. The mammoth was between six and nine years old when it died.

Yuka's preserved body shows signs that humans hunted for mammoths during the Ice Age, according to researcher Albert Protopopov.

Weighing five tonnes and at a height of three metres, scientists say that Yuka has become the best preserved mammoth in palaeontology.

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Yeah, git away from that dirty ol' thang.