Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Treasure From The Facebook

My friend, Spike O'Dell just shared a pic of his grandson ready for his 1st snipe hunt. Spike is a cruel genius! Thanks to Brother Shawn for providing this gem.

I love this idea so much. Oh to have procreated so that one day I could send my offspring on the hunt for the whiley SNIPE. Remember, if you choose to hunt the SNIPE you must be prepared for anything in the dark. It's not the job for a coward who wets his jumper at the first sign of trouble. And when it comes down to it...always swing for the nut sack. Most every land mammal that can hurt you has a nut sack.

For me it was looking for a bucket of 'prop wash' which of course is the air that comes from behind the propellers of prop driven aircraft. It's like capturing fog. But it entertains the pilots in the hanger while the cadets are waiting around when a newbie goes around asking for it while carrying a stupid bucket around.


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