Friday, October 24, 2014

Let's Hope We Don't Go Crazy From The Fear

Nothing sadder than the dogs waiting for Cpl. Cirillo to return.
Someone adopt these puppies together.
As cool as it was that Sgt at Arms John Vickers was the hero who took down the gunman with his handgun, it would have been much cooler when the movie is made if he bashed him several times with the mace he carries into Parliament as part of his normal duties.
As much as people talk about Canada 'changing' I can assure you that we will not have the overreaction to the incident like certain other nations have had. We will make reasonable changes that stay true to the openness of our society. Oh and we aren't going to war with anyone over made up circumstances.
On Wednesday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Canadian national anthem before their game against the Philadelphia Flyers, paying tribute to a Canadian soldier killed in Ottawa earlier in the day.“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Ottawa and across Canada. Please join us in the singing of ‘O Canada.'”
The crowd sang “O Canada” as the Canadian flag was projected onto the ice.
Classy my American Brothers and Sisters.


j-swin said...

i'm very sorry for your nations loss, it seems like crazy is just creeping into all the cracks now-a-days.

Debra She Who Seeks said... has some cool memes with John Vickers in them.

david_b said...

"Not all happening in the USA anymore, eh Cal..?"

Nevertheless, my condolences on your country's loss.

Kal said...

Lot less guns so it doesn't happen daily for us.

j-swin said...

That's kind of a dick thing to say, david_b. The sad fact is that it is happening everywhere and those in power aren't doing anything about it because they think it'll never happen to them. Show a little more compassion to your fellow man and forget about borders, the crazies don't care who they shoot.