Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cold Cuts

Does the voice that tells me that I can't get internet content because I live in Canada have to be so freakin' MENACING?? It let me know that something was denied to me deliberately. It's evil.  It talked down to me. Ultron sounds friendlier in the newest Avengers trailer.


Foxcatcher looks like an excellent drama with a nearly unrecognizable Steve Carrel giving the performance of his life. I have a soft spot for these 'based on a true story' murder stories. That final clip in the trailer is bone chilling. Oscar buzz all over this one.

I am also already growing tired of hearing about Mr Slap and Choke on CBC. Eight women now have accused him. Time to disappear off the planet for Ghomeshi. This is a Canadian entertainment sex scandal so it will be interesting to see how it plays out both here and around the world. Follow this link to a couple of very good articles on the topic if you want to catch up.

This looks really good but you know who missing. How can there be a Mad Max revival without The Lord Humungous? I keep telling you people. All he wanted was the gasoline. He would have let you drive away. Just leave the gasoline.

I will read the hell out of this comic. Love the idea of the marriage and now the child. The idea was strong from the start and it never should have been messed with, especially all that 'deal with the devil' bullshit. But that is life as a fan of the Spider-Man. We survived the Clone Wars didn't we? Sometimes if we wish really hard, we can have nice things.

I hope there is enough story here to give me someone other than sensory overload from the predicted massive battle scenes. Do I have to LIKE Thorin to hope he wins the day because, frankly, I find the loyalty he seeks to be undeserved. He acts like a spoiled child who just wants to be King because he thinks it's his birthright, it's his TURN on the throne. That's the kind of ego that gets everyone killed. Am I asking too much from the Hobbit's final chapter?

Now Peter Jackson should make DUNE. We need a person who can invent an entire new WORLD on screen. Jackson and Del Toro could do that. They would make a kickass Dune Trilogy.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Apparently, the guy who's singing that lovely song in the Hobbit trailer is the actor who played Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This Spidey comic is relevant to my interests!!!