Friday, October 30, 2015

Hakes Auctions Is A Great Company

Early this week I went on the Hakes Americana site and requested their latest auction catalogue and by Friday I have the newest book in my hands FOR FREE. Aside from being an amazing resource for collectors of vintage pop culture collectibles,  all the products are certified to be in mint or near mint conditions and are often rare items that you have never seen before.

Just look at this catalogue they sent out. It's 354 pages of glossy pictures and descriptions of great stuff that I would love to have in my collection. Things I would never even SEE on any other auction site I can find at Hakes. I save every catalogue I get sent out to me and often I will spend hours just looking at all the cool stuff within. I would easily play 20 dollars for this resource but to get it shipped to Canada for FREE just for the asking is a gift that I hope more of you take advantage of.

Follow the next link to read my own experience with this great company. I got a REAL treasure for my Collection of Cool from them and that is why I hope more serious collectors discover this great addition to the hobby we all love. If you want the finest in fine pop culture collectibles, you can't do better than Hakes.

Damn I miss those orange headphones. There were the best.

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