Friday, October 30, 2015

The Joys Of The Season

As far as favorite times of the year go you can't beat October in Canada. Thanksgiving, Halloween and the start of the Curling season. I am a simple man and there is nothing I find more fun than watching curling with my 75 year old Mother who could do play by play on TV. She has forgotten more about the game and the players than most people will ever know. She doesn't know her LUKE SKYWALKERS rom her HONEY BOO BOOS but she knows which team won the Briar is 86 and where the final was played. It's one of my fondest memories of my lifetime with her.

When her and my father curled when I was little it was the coolest thing to hang around the curling club on the military base while they played. They made the BEST cheeseburgers and fries in the world and the pop was unlimited. Good times.

One of my favorite things about curling is that the women are all popular and as interesting to watch as the men who play the same game. The players respect THE GAME and the skill it takes to win at this highest of levels. You can't fake it on the ice. And the game can all come down to one shot at the end of a week's play. Now that is an intensity you will never find in something like baseball but the feeling is close. People who call curling a boring sport don't understand curling and that is okay. You are really missing out in my opinion but I was raised more with Curling than with Hockey if I can be honest. I played the game since I was a pre-teen and played in high school and loved it. When I taught I always played on a league team.

Canada is THE curling powerhouse in the world. We are the place the world comes to learn the game at the World level and our curling coaches are much sought after by countries wishing to improve their Olympic curling programs. It's the reason China and Japan and even New Zealand have made gains in recent years.

I also won't lie to you. The women who play the game are very attractive.

Eve Muirhead - Scotland

The Russian team are all Supermodels.

Russia's Sidarova
Canada's Val Sweeting My favorite player.

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