Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Right, Jet Packs. Always Promising Me A Jet Pack

Now I say this with peace and love but that is so bulky and junky looking that I can be forgiven for thinking a Russian guy built it. It's so impractical at that size and weight. So many variables you can't account for with so many moving parts. No wonder it can only get a few feet off the ground. It's also five times larger than any jet pack that has worked before. Why does a jet pack need a parachute? Why is a jet pack remotely controlled? Hurt a person if you believe in your product.

THIS is what a jet pack is.

Criminally ignored movie in the Disney collection. Like the Iron Giant it deserves much more respect than it gets.

And of course my beloved Riki revolutionized the look of the character with her Betty Rocketeer.

That is how you do Cosplay right, boys and girls.

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