Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesdays From The Toybox

I would have loved to spend a month building and painting this model as a kid. Of course mine never turned out like this but this design is totally worth the effort. Don't judge me. Canadian winters were long and building models kept me off those lonely snow filled streets.

The Wonder Woman does look really good. I am choosing to ignore the Superman and Batman figures from this line. I have enough Sups and Bats in my collection already and these are pretty ordinary. But a WW that looks this great is a rare thing.

DC Super Hero Girls sold only at TARGET which failed and closed in Canada. How is that for irony for the Canadian toy collector, especially one who likes to have superhero girls in his collection the most? But have no fear. I have MANY ways to defeat the efforts of THE MAN to keep me down.

Skeletor is the Cobra Commander of Eternia.

Spider-Gwen is an must have regardless.
If I could do it all again I would have looked for more lunchboxes on EBay. Those early days were great for lots of toys and metal lunchboxes before lunch boxes went all retro-hip and thus values out of my range for the most part. That is if I want to have the best examples in my collection. And they HAVE to come with a thermos like my beloved Super Powers one.

Some toys I don't pursue but I love these Remco Monsters and this Disney Infinity Captain Jack Sparrow. One is a classic while the other is a sweet cutting edge design unlike any other Sparrow merchandise out there.

I love this 12 inch Jack I got a great deal on.
I have my Marvel Select Doctor Strange still in the shipping box. I will open it and post about it when I need to lift. But this is what he looks like. Gorgeous. So cool that we have a Doctor Strange movie in our near future. It was a Doctor Strange figure that got me back into colleting after I though I would never have another toy in my house ever again.
I like when you get a vehicle with your figure so you can play him just like he was in the movie and comic book. Cap always drives a motorbike. NEVER a car. A car is more of a Batman thing. Batgirl will be getting her own figure with bike this November. I have this one on pre-order already.
These accessory sets are great.
I just want the Helmet of Fate in case.

What the hell is 'stop and go' action?
And why would I shoot at Huggy Bear??
He's my snitch.

I would collect more Robots too if I could do it all again.

I have Captain Cold but not the Flash. How did I miss out on him back in the day when I first got most all these Mego reproductions?



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I only ever built two model kits in my life: a German tank and the USS Enterprise.

Barbecue17 said...

I thought the DC Super Girls line was a timed exclusive for Target and that it would pop up in other stores later on. I might be wrong, though.