Friday, August 5, 2016

It's A Headfine Like This That Makes Me Fear That Our Civilization Is Over

Gisele caps career, opens Rio 2016 with longest catwalk in human history.
Yes, the woman walked the length of a stadium in her high heeled shoes and didn't fall down. WOW. Maybe next she can make a mile long submarine sandwich. Gah! I already hate these Olympics for so many reasons but this was the topper on the cake. I already hate stupid records and next to the women with the long fingernails, THIS is the stupidest.
I hope Canada does well and no one dies from swimming in human sewage. I mean that never happens, right? Cholera is just a made up disease anyways. Gah!
Total corruption taints the games when there are athletes and sports federations too stupid to fool the testing procedures yet they get to compete anyways because it's all a show. Integrity be damned. Sadly that is the way of the world these days.
What the hell kind of sport is Beach Volleyball? It's so boring I want to kill myself while watching it. It's also tiresome to watch nearly naked women with no body fat compete on the hot sand. Who knew I could ever hate that? But that is all they will show on CBC. I fear the promises of the opportunity to watch many sports online. I would like to watch Boxing and Fencing and the sports we never get to see like the Hammer Throw. At least every game of Women's soccer will be one and I enjoy a good soccer match when national teams are involved.
But really, she walked?? That's what you have to share with me about your culture, Brazil? That is almost sad if it wasn't already so sad.



jester59388 said...

Agree with you on Giselle - disagree with you on Beach Volleyball. It's one of the few events I can actually watch and enjoy.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I just don't find zero body fat attractive. Who knew? Why can't more curvy women compete in this sport. Like that Hammer Throw. Now there is a group of real women albeit more woman than I can handle.