Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Gloom Of Doom - He Topped The List For Body Count

Despite his poor handling in the Fantastic Four movies, Doctor Doom is Marvel’s single most iconic villain, Stan Lee’s favorite bad guy, and a highly three dimensional portrait of human contradictions: bursting with ego and yet also self-conscious, a man of science and yet also a powerful sorceror, a ruthless villain with a code of honor, and a dictator both feared and loved by his people.

Doctor Doom tends to be one of Marvel’s most noble villains. He’s done some incredibly destructive actions, but always for reasons that he believes are just, and he can make a good argument about why you should agree with him. He’s sought world domination, but only because he honestly believes that the world would be a better place with him at the top of it.

But he earns the top spot on this list due to Marvel’s recent Secret Wars event, wherein Doom obliterates thousands of universes. Admittedly, he does this for heroic reasons: the multiverse is decaying, and his actions are the only thing that saves reality itself, rescuing a dozen universes from destruction. Doom, now with the powers of all of the Beyonders, takes the scattered fragments of the remaining universes and reframes them into a patchwork quilt that he calls Battleworld, which he is the god of — God Emperor Doom, to be precise — with an army of Thors as his militia.

So basically, Doom killed more people than anyone ever has, in any universe, in any history… but he did so in order to save existence itself. This moral complexity cuts right to the core of what makes Doctor Doom such a tremendous, fascinating character, and we hope that someday he will be properly represented on the big screen.


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