Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Would Be Your Dream Zombie Fighting Team??

Without giving it too much thought, what would be your zombie fighting team for the post apocalyptic world look like?

You may choose your characters from any literary genre, motion picture or television program. Try to avoid characters like Superman because that is too easy though, as always, Batman is an excellent choice.

Velociraptor (x2) from Jurassic Park - Superior silent, deadly pack hunting skills. Skittish and jumpy and good for watch work and wet work. Plus they are like puppies if they like you.

Gunfighter Robot - Yul Brynner - Westworld - ability to sense cold bodies against warm air temperature will be valuable as will the reverse ability for search and rescue operations. Effective operative that is non-living and thus will be ignored by the zombie horde.
Santo - Wrestler/Secret Agent - hey, the man made a shiny luchador mask look good with a sportcoat all while kicking some monster's ass. He's in.

Alice - Mila Jovovich - Genetically designed to be the ultimate evolution in human bioengineering became our last hope to save us from the perversion of science that resulted from her creation. If anything we take down UMBRELLA first and for that we need Alice.
Spartacus - Gladiator/Slave - the deadliest killer ever trained to silently 'ghost' you in a hundred different ways with any bladed
Vladimir Putin - He makes me laugh. Has most extensive skill set of any human being on the planet.
Can operate any machine and command lesser animal forms to do his bidding. Likes to think of himself as a 'Tiger Whisperer'.

LIKES to do his own 'wet work'.

Always has a PLAN B,C and D for escape at all times.

Has many 'associates' and knows where they keep all the stuff we have 'borrowed' from the aliens who have visited this planet over the centuries. (Don't deny it. We all know the spaceship crashed at Roswell.)

Selena Gomez - just because I think she would look good after a few months of tanning in that desert sun.
She may seem sweet and calm but I suspect there is a Latin assassin under all that Disney beauty. She can be all goodness and light if that is what is required of her but REMEMBER, she is a product of the Disney Corporations and Walt didn't get as far as he did without removing some heads from some bodies just to make his point to the punks in the character costumes.
The Rules
I choose the missions and I drive the armored RV. You get bit, I kill you myself, quick and clean and I expect the same from the rest of you if I get munched on. Living trumps the living dead each and every time. Be creative. Remember your training. Stay Alive! WE WILL FIND YOU!

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