Friday, December 16, 2016

Justice League Action Starts Tonight

After the beloved Justice League Unlimited ended, the team is back in ACTION. Justice League Action debuts tonight at 6 PM on Cartoon Network. The series has a lighter tone from previous Bruce Timm shows, such as BTAS. However, there are familiar voices: Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill. Like Regular Show, episodes span two 11-minute stories. Since the premiere is an hour, there are four stories, all jam-packed with ACTION. Once the first episode airs tonight, the show will move to Saturday mornings, starting on December 24, 2016.


Yes there is a character called SPACE CABBIE!! Here is episode 2 where we see the genius of this dumb concept. I like the kid's friendly nature of this cartoon. The action if exciting as is the music and voice acting. Everything moves fast in 11 minutes and that is what I like too. It's a live action comic book that hits all the right buttons. They promise over 100 DC characters will appear this season. I think I am counting 12 already in this one.

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