Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Story Of Wellington The Cat Continues

I just liked living alone without any problems but my own but everyday I fill a cemnt bag of litter. He has taught himself to meow endlessly for food whenever someone is in the kitchen. He gets wet in the am and the pm and goes with dry during the day. His litter is cleaned several times a day but he makes poops the size of breakfast sausage. Drinks alot of water and pees in the litter box except for a few other rare occassions. He has a bum hip. I have a theory about him but it would break my heart to think about it or talk about so won't. Trust me. It's worse than the Little Match Girl .

 I just want this cat to be comfortable and happy and content. I want to give him a good life. But he doesn't play or chase or anything fun. He is a good snuggler but he has to be watched when on the bed lest he pee again. Third time will never happen. Which means he can't sleep with me which would have been cool. It's just a transition for the Admiral that is hard to get used to. We had a routine each night. I have a new 'normal' now and I will happily live with it to have another soul around, a soul who kinda needs me. Sure I am a tremendous disappointmet to him as I am with everyone else but that is his burden to carry.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Despite all his challenges, I'm glad to hear that Wellington is a champion pooper. At least you know his digestive tract is A-ONE!

DrGoat said...

He probably hasn't had these kind of comforts for a while or forever. He looks like a sad soul right now. Maybe he thinks that this won't last either, so he's trying to make it his, in his own, inconvenient to humans, way. Like I said, you are The Man for doing this. This sad soul needs a home. And I don't believe for a moment you are a disappointment to everyone else. You are the start of my day here at work, and can't think of a better way to do that. The feelings you have about your life with the Admiral are important things to put in your memory vault as you adjust to new things. I still have those feelings about my boon companion Cootie, who died 10 years ago, at the age of 23. Still miss that little demon.