Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Everyone knows how much I love my time travel TV shows. I realize that history changes every time one moves through time (Kang's Fourth Law) so if that is acknowledged and dealt with, the story can stay on it's shaky legs. But this one is different. The historical figures the three heroes get to deal with is the meat of the show but it's the relationship between the four principles that makes it even better.

The historical recreations must be fun to write and create. The cast has found a good way to impersonate people from the time they are visiting. The production design is impressive but do they have to meet someone famous every episode. Unfortunately the black guy can't do much because for most of American history, Blacks were severely marginalized in society. However they have found creative ways to deal with that situation for the most part.

Surrounding everything is a conspiracy against the evil RITTENHOUSE. It's a shadow agency that is clearly evil because it threatens loved ones to get people to do their bidding. We need to see more about what their agenda is to make them a good villain. So far they are just a name that makes people jump. I want more. Why don't they just kill these heroes if they are such a problem for them? Don't tell me everything but give me just a few answers. Please. I like this show and want it to stick around for awhile.


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