Friday, March 15, 2019

Canadian Things Americans Don't Understand

If you order a Caear the bardenter is more likely to bring you a salad. It's close to a Bloody Mary but there are more elements. Beer with clamato sauce is also the only way I will drink beer and that is a popular drink in Canada also.


Loonie ($1) and Toonie ($2) are the perfect name for coins ever. The one dollar coin came first and has a Loon on it so we called it a Loonie. There is talk of a five dollar coin with a wolf and a moon on it that we will no doubt call a Moonie.
KD stands for Kraft Dinner of course which they sell more per captita in Canada than any other country in the world. Every kid knows how to make a box in the microwave before they are fire. It's a right of passage for us. There are two kinds of KD eaters - those who add ketchup and those who don't. Easy Mac changed the whole Kraft Dinner landscape because it only takes three minutes to have the best lunch. Especially if you cut hot dog pieces into the mix.
They call them colored pencils in the US but the proper term for them is in Canada are Pencil Crayons.

Not a weekend goes by that I don't stop for a box of Timbits which are the Canadian name for donut holes you can buy at Tim Hortons. They come in their own litle lunchbox and keeps me from buying six full size donuts to satisfy my weekend donut craving.

A botle of boose that can fix in the back of your pocket is call a Mikey in Canada. We don't even use the word PINT because that is from the old Imperial system that we have abandoned in Canada for the metric system.